A word from the Founder

alt We want to do more to better the lives of many!
Life does not consist of material things alone, but a lack of it may cause hardships. Providing the basics like food, clothes and financial assistance will greatly improve the quality of life and lift the worries of daily living. However, real joy is often still missing. Real joy in life is found in a community where people care and feel loved. Where we have a chance to find friends and spiritual healing. Our desire is that together we build a better world where many find the joy that God has intended for us. This is not just a dream. There is hope and a future for all of us.

Erik Hartsuiker,


Our History

  • [In 1994] - The Share And Care ministry was founded with the purpose of generating funds to help people in need. Christian Fellowship Church had just obtained a new commercial building in Ashburn, Virginia. We started a thrift store operation in this building and it grew to about 5000 sq ft.
  • [In 1998] - We received many donations. It was more than we needed for the store. We looked for a way the help more people and found an opportunity to send these clothes overseas. We learned in the following years how to best prepare the shipping containers so that only those clothes were shipped which people would use. Door Of Hope, a not for profit 501 C 3 corporation was established to store, sort and ship the goods internationally.
  • [In 2005] - The Whole Word Church in Northern Virginia put us in contact with a church in Sierra Leone. The Prayer Tabernacle Church. They were in need of a church building and also wanted to build schools.The first container made a great impact. Eversince we have been sending containers to them. They have built multiple school buildings, churches and started agricultural initiatives
  • [In 2010] - Another organization, Peace Inc. approached us to help them with sending used clothes to Nicaragua so they too could use these containers to better the lives of many